A medical imaging company within the Nordic Region


“Santax Nordic of Denmark and Petri Laakkonen Santax-OYof Petrimed Oy have agreed to form a mutual company in Finland, Santax Medico Oy, for the continued sale of Petrimed Oy’s products as well as selected products from the Santax Medico product line, in Finland.

Petri Laakkonen will be partner and Managing Director of “Santax Medico Oy, Finland”. Santax Nordic will be the other partner in the new company.

Current Petrimed customers will experience the same quality of service with additional possibility of service back-up possibilities from Santax Nordic Group.

The product line of “Santax Medico Oy” in the beginning consists of:

– DR X-Ray Systems from “Control-X Ltd.” (Hungary)

– RTI X-ray dose-measuring and quality assurance (Sweden)

– EOS X-Ray Systems (Low Dose Orthopedic imaging and surgical planning) (France)

– Medical Index x-ray protection aprons (Germany)

– MDT X-ray protection aprons (The Netherlands)

– KubTec X-ray systems for Neo natal and specimen

Petri Laakkonen, Partner and Managing Director of Santax Medico Oy, is looking forward to enhancing the current business with further products and opportunities through the formation of Santax Medico Oy.

Santax Nordic Group states that the formation of Santax Medico Oy is a natural extension of current strategy of becoming a medical imaging company within the Nordic Region, now active in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Santax Nordic further states to be very satisfied to enter the co-operation in Finland with Petri Laakkonen whom is a very well known and trusted business associate through many years.